Unusual Things to do in North Norfolk

Unusual Things to do in North Norfolk

When visiting a new area, there are many recommendations and guides to encourage you to visit the most well-known attractions in that area.

North Norfolk is home to a wide and varied selection of attractions meaning there is often something to do for everyone from bird watching, long scenic walks, theme parks and visiting the local zoo. Much of North Norfolk is quiet and quaint, with some of the most unusual and interesting activities not well known to the wider public. These unique attractions offer an unforgettable experience of the area and gives you special moments and memories when you visit.

If doing something against the normal sounds like something you enjoy doing then take a look below at some of the most unusual things to see and do when you’re visiting North Norfolk. These attractions are particularly worth visiting if you are staying in one of our luxury North Norfolk holiday cottages as each is located only a short distance away.

Alpaca Trekking

Definitely one for the animal lovers, this unusual activity sees you walking the beautiful surrounding areas with an alpaca for company. There are a few different companies who offer this popular activity around the area including Norfolk Alpacas, who are based in Bradfield and offer walking with the option of afternoon teas, and Alpaca Trekking, which is based in Wells-next-to-sea and offers stunning views of the sea and a guided tour of the area. Due to the gentle nature of the alpacas and amazing uses of their unique coat, a day spent with these animals is a perfect holiday treat for yourself or the animal lover in your life.

Unusual Things to do in North Norfolk
Unusual Things to do in North Norfolk

Sticky Earth Cafe

Located in the seaside town of Cromer there is a little café offering the opportunity for you to paint your own piece of pottery. To break up visiting the beach you can head into the Sticky Earth Café and choose a piece of pottery to decorate, from bowls to plates and figurines, there are many options to choose from. This is a great activity for children and families as well as those who find creating and making relaxing. If you would prefer for a quieter experience the café can also be booked for adult only sessions. The pieces you create are then glazed and fired and ready to be collected within 3-4 days, so depending on the length of your stay, you may want to schedule this early in your itinerary. Your creation can then be taken home and be displayed and used as a memory of your visit to the area.

Norfolk Tulips

For those visiting the area in April and early May a visit to the Norfolk Tulip fields is a must. The exact location is kept secret until the event and so it is worth keeping an eye on their website and social media if you are interested in visiting. Visitors purchase a ticket with funds raised being donated to the Norfolk Hospice Charity, and are given time slots to walk around and enjoy the seemingly endless in bloom fields which provide colour and vibrancy to the local countryside. For flower lovers and those who enjoy peaceful activities, a visit to the tulip fields is an interesting and unusual activity to experience.

Unusual Things to do in North Norfolk
Unusual Things to do in North Norfolk

Hidden Street Tour

Norfolk is home to its fair share of history with many museums and historical sites dotted around the region. One of the lesser-known historical tours is the Hidden Street Tour which takes place beneath Castle Meadow in the city centre of Norwich. Known as the Shoebox this area of Norwich was forgotten about for many years, simply being used as storage for the shops above. These winding streets beneath the market of Norwich are full of history and architecture dating back to the 15th Century. The Shoebox Community Hub, formerly known as the KindaKafe, runs these tours taking you down two flights of stairs onto the hidden street to enable you to explore the history of the people, trade stalls and prison cells which make up these curious tunnels. The tours are led by a local storyteller and history enthusiast and show you a unique perspective of Norwich which is hidden beneath the high street where people still stop today.

The Devil’s Punchbowl

Located in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty known as Breckland, The Devil’s Punchbowl has attracted many visitors thanks to its unusual natural phenomenon. The punchbowl is a mysterious and near perfect circle crater nearly 430 feet in diameter. Originally created by a meteorite impact hundreds of years ago the bowl is often full of water and empties regardless of the weather conditions, being full despite droughts and emptying despite heavy rainfall. Aptly named due to its ‘unexplainable’ emptying and refilling, local people attributed these mysterious goings on to the devil. Now as a designated site of Special Scientific Interest it is definitely worth a visit to see this strange natural phenomenon as it is unique to this area.


Most of us have heard of Stonehenge but very few have heard about the wonders of Seahenge. The 4000-year-old bronze age timber circle was discovered on Holme Beach and consisted of a huge tree stump that had been placed and buried upside down with 55 timber posts evenly spaced around the stump in a circle. The site was under threat from the sea and so was removed from the beach by the Norfolk Archaeological Unit under instruction from English Heritage. This strange man-made attraction is now displayed in Lynn Museum with its original purpose still under discussion.

These are just a few of the unusual activities that can be enjoyed when visiting the area, there are also many more such as pub crawls, architecture and escape rooms. Whatever you enjoy doing whilst taking a break away from the normal hustle and bustle, there is something for everyone to enjoy when staying in our North Norfolk holiday cottages.

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