Top 5 Beaches to Visit in Norfolk

Holkham Beach

Whether you are visiting Norfolk for a short trip, an extended weekend, or a week-long break, you have probably heard about the beautiful beaches that bless this part of the region.

Kelling is perfectly situated amongst several charming beaches, with the closest, Salthouse, just five minutes away. For those looking for something to do when staying in our luxury coastal holiday cottages, a trip to the beach is a perfect day out, these are our top five recommendations of beaches to visit.


Just a five-minute drive away from our holiday cottages, you’ll find the beautiful Salthouse Beach. The smooth pebble beach stretches as far as the eye can see, allowing you to explore for miles in either direction and is a tranquil spot to enjoy the views over the marshes.

This area is part of the Norfolk Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve and has beautiful inland views of the marshes and fields which is a hive for wildlife. The grazing meadows and freshwater pools attract an abundance of species including migrant birds, perfect for wildlife enthusiasts to explore and revel in the beauty of the species that visit this part of Norfolk.

Popular activities along this part of the coast include sea fishing, public walks, and visiting the salt marshes. Salthouse has deep water areas close to the shore which are very popular for catching cod, bass, and mackerel, all of which are regularly caught along this stretch. Along the coastline, there is also a fourteen-mile walk, the Salthouse Sculpture Trail, which trails across the Kelling and Salthouse heaths exhibiting the natural beauty of the area with contemporary locally produced art, although most of the sculptures have now been removed the route highlights the nature and peacefulness of the area whilst showing exceptional views of the coastline.

Further inland you will find the village which is home to a variety of traditional shops and cafés. If you have brought your four-legged friend along for your holiday then Salthouse is a great place to visit as there are no restrictions on the beach and plenty of dog-friendly restaurants including The Dun Cow pub within the village.

Salthouse Beach
Weybourne's Shingle Beach


Weybourne beach is located within a seven-minute drive of our holiday cottages. It’s a beautiful shingle beach with views that extend to Blakeney Point. It is surrounded by miles of footpaths and bridleways that travel through the surrounding area of Kelling.

Weybourne is perfectly positioned to be accessed from a variety of different ways. The designated car park is positioned directly behind the beach, perfect for getting out of your car and immediately hearing the soothing sounds of the waves crashing against the pebbles.

The beach can also be accessed as part of the Norfolk Coast Path. In front of the car park is a gap between two of the cliffs, the walk descends the cliffs, crosses a section of the beach, and ascends before continuing. The Poppy Line Steam train travels through the fields behind the cliffs, travelling from Sheringham to Weybourne Station and onwards to Kelling Heath. This is a great way to travel down to the beach, taking in the views of the beautiful countryside before finding your spot on the beach to relax and enjoy your time away.

There is also the opportunity to view the countryside and coast from the skies as the Weybourne cliffs, and onshore breeze, provide the perfect conditions to launch paragliders. Whilst you are up in the air or viewing from the ground if that is what you prefer, you will be able to see the hundreds of sand martin burrows that dot the cliffs and are visited frequently during the breeding season.

A little further inland, the Weybourne Windmill behind the cliffs, is surrounded by salt marshes and fields which provide a beautiful area to walk and admire the local flora and fauna. Weybourne is a great location for all the family, keeping the little ones entertained with a beach and providing wildlife lovers and those after a peaceful retreat the chance to escape and relax.


Blakeney is a must-visit location for anyone visiting Norfolk, and especially those staying in the Kelling Estate holiday cottages as they are located just a 12-minute drive away from this stunning National Nature Reserve.

The area is well known and loved for its diverse plants, animals, and wildlife and attracts visitors from all over the UK. The beach itself is famously known for its 4-mile-long spit which is composed of shingles, dunes, and mudflats and joins the mainland at Cley. The far end of the reserve is permanently closed to visitors to protect the unique biodiversity that lives here, but there is still plenty of space and things to do ensuring you enjoy a day out together at the coast.

Blakeney is home to England’s most successful breeding colony of seals with over 2,500 pups born on the beach annually. The area with the seals cannot be accessed by foot, however, the neighbouring village of Morston conducts both seal and bird watching trips for visitors all year round. The best times of the year to visit Blakeney to see the seal pups are November, December, and January, and then throughout the summer months of June, July and August. If your dog is travelling with you on your holidays, it’s important to note that there is a ban on the beach between April to August to protect the nesting sites of the migrating bird populations.

As you travel inland the uninterrupted views of the coastline are replaced with traditional flint cottages, quaint gift shops, and cafes providing visitors with souvenirs and tastes of the local delicacies.

For those wishing to walk the spit, there is a stunning walk from Cley beach to Blakeney Point which you can find more information about here.

Blakeney Beach
Wells -next-the-sea Beach

Wells-next-the-sea and Holkham

With rows of colourful beach huts and an active fishing fleet, Wells-next-the-sea is a quintessential seaside town. Located 14.1 miles from the Kelling Estate, Wells-next-the-sea, locally known as Wells, is bordered by another Estate, Holkham. The beautiful beach is so vast that there can be a mile walk when the tide is out before you even reach the waves. Walking to the North on the beach will take you to Holkham, and to the South to the beautiful harbour, surrounding shops, and restaurants. With 11 miles of sandy beaches on this part of the Norfolk coastline, the view consists mainly of unspoiled sand, sea, and sky.

The beach is met by a Corsican pine wood which helps to protect the beach huts from the elements. The woods form part of a circular woodland and beach walk which travels back to the car park and provides cool shade on warm summer days. The beach provides the perfect area to let your little ones, and the dog, run wild and truly enjoy the wide expanse of sand.

If you visit with your family the walk to the Wells quay from the beach can be quite a distance, so on the way back, hop on the narrow track railway which transports visitors to the beach and wave at all the walkers on top of the mound.


Brancaster’s stretches of golden sand are picturesque and provide the perfect opportunity for relaxing and seaside activities. The wide expanse of the beach is ideal for Kite Sports which runs in designated zones throughout the summer months. Brancaster has beautiful dunes along the back of the beach, giving you the perfect vantage point to take in the stunning scenery and give you privacy and a break from the salty sea air.

The tide here changes regularly so it’s important to check the times and take notes before visiting as the beach road does become blocked at high tide. However, you shouldn’t let this put you off as at low tide even more of the beach is exposed, uncovering mud which attracts the local wildlife to feed.

Sailing, eating fish and chips, and admiring the wildlife are common pastimes at Brancaster and offer families, couples, and friends the chance to explore a well-loved and diverse part of the Norfolk coast. Not to be left behind, Brancaster is dog friendly and is the perfect place to bring your furry friend for hours of fun and exploring together. If you stroll East along the beach, Scolt Head, another one of Norfolk’s numerous nature reserves can be seen in the distance.

There are plenty more beautiful beaches surrounding the Norfolk coast and the Kelling Estate, these are just a few of our favourites. Norfolk is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, with many quaint towns and villages providing local delicacies and unique shopping opportunities, it’s a fantastic place to visit all year round.

For more inspiration for things to do around the area, take a look at some of our other blogs.

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